RTS Technology Solutions becomes Vanti

From RTS to Vanti: A story of growing up

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We've changed our clothes…

RTS Technology Solutions is now known as Vanti. (www.vanti.co.uk)

Why the change? Well, as we've been growing as a business over the last ten years, we felt we'd outgrown our existing look. This last year has been a time to take stock of how far we have come and where we want to get to. We're now in a position to achieve this and move to the next stage of our development to give you an even better level of service.

What's more, we're aware of one of our competitors wearing the same outfit as us! There was another RTS in the same marketplace and this is another strong reason for changing our name and our branding.

What does this all mean?

Underneath the new name and design (which we hope you like as much as we do), we’re still the same RTS you've come to know and love. And it’s the same faces here to help you (along with a few new ones!). Raj and Mike continue to lead from the front and will be on hand to make sure you receive the excellent service you expect.

What Vanti means is a new, improved range of services delivered from a growing team of superheroes in AV and IT.

To continue to recruit and attract the best talent in the industry and to remain true to our commitment of really integrating AV and IT, we need a brand which shows just how serious we are.

The name Vanti is the coming together of AV and IT and its simplicity is important for us. We’re not about jargon or over-complicating things. We want to give you the right service you need to deliver the right results.

Vanti, being a short, decisive word, implies action and doing things. This is important too, as our team is always on hand to deliver what you want, when you want, where you want.

So what about RTS?

Well, RTS will still exist as the parent company of Vanti (as Raj set up the business 10 years ago, he won’t let it disappear completely!). You just won’t see the name on our website, shirts, vans, and stationery from now on. This will be just as much of a change for us and we are excited about working with you through the process.

The launch of Vanti means our business can focus on the implementation – the doing – of all things AV and IT.

A new design consultancy

Reflecting changes in the technology sector and thinking ahead to how the market is likely to take shape, we’re also going to be launching a new service – design consultancy for AV and IT. This will be known as Avolvit (www.avolvit.co.uk) - the thinking of all things AV and IT.

Organisations often leave it late in their project planning to think about the AV and IT they require, how it integrates with their physical spaces and how their end users will make best use of it. Avolvit will work with organisations early on in their design and planning to ensure the technology they use is fit-for-purpose; user-oriented; complimentary to physical spaces; compatible with legacy applications – and future-proofed for change.

Why the split?

Firstly, many of our clients have been asking for consultancy services and we see it as a specialist skill delivered by a specialist team. The launch of Avolvit reflects this. In addition, it helps to provide a clear distinction between our two core service areas: Thinking and Doing.

This distinction is an important one. It means our consultancy services can retain their integrity and impartiality when it comes to recommending the design of integrated AV and IT systems. Clients will also be able to work out their budgets for design and implementation separately.

At the same time, as a group we are able to maintain flexibility for our clients and provide a total AV and IT solution bringing our experience in thinking and doing together.

Considering all of the above, apart from a sentimental attachment to RTS we couldn’t think of any reason not to change!

If you have any other queries then, as ever, please get in touch with us.